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About Nina


Nina Gudkovs has been working in the field of complementary medicine as a Western Herbal Medicine practitioner since 2015 and has a deep interest in helping people with illnesses particularly those suffering from immune related conditions, such as cancer, post-viral syndromes and autoimmunity. She provides services from 2 clinics in Brisbane and Warwick in South-East Queensland. Nina is committed to patient-centred care and was awarded two Excellence in Clinic certificates on completion of her training.

The suggestion to write a practical book for cancer patients came from Professor Kerry Bone, a leading educator in naturopathic and herbal medicine, with whom Nina had the enormous good fortune to be mentored.

From keeping abreast of the latest research, Nina has developed a firm conviction that diet matters for people suffering from cancer, and she is strongly motivated to provide resources and increase public awareness of the beneficial impact of plants and their phytochemicals on health.

Her warm personality, coupled with her professional know-how makes her an invaluable part of the healthcare landscape.

If you would like to book an online consultation with her please click the link below.

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