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Metabolic Fasting for Cancer


Congratulations to Nina Gudkovs for this fluent, thoroughly researched explanation of the role of nutrition in counteracting cancer, based on the principles of metabolism and veganism. I have read countless scientific works and popular books on this subject (having published one myself), and this is definitely among the best. People often ask me for recipes utilizing the key foods that protect against cancer, and now I can confidently direct them to Nina’s beautifully presented and illustrated book.

~ DR DAVID WILKINSON (Surgical Oncologist, author of "Can food be medicine against cancer?")

This is a wonderfully practical and appealing book for anyone faced with the often daunting challenge of a cancer diagnosis, and for anyone wanting to avoid one. It gives the scientifically-based “whys” and the “hows” in simple terms, with helpful detail about application and how to overcome possible hurdles, as well as managing the diet through day to day symptoms of cancer and its treatment. An absolutely excellent and much needed resource. Well done!

~ DR LIZ STRINGER General Practitioner, New Horizons for Health

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